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The fact that you are here, probably means that you just watched one of our videos. But, if not, let us explain that we create short informational videos, each with one topic and usually less than 2 minutes long for uploading to Facebook, YouTube, and to our clients’ websites.

These 200 word to 300 word HD videos are fantastic for building business brands, building specialist audiences, and posting on Social Networking sites.

Video engages audiences like nothing else, and with regular posting of videos like these it’s easy to build following of many 1,000s, and to gain exposure to tens of thousands of people each week, with zero advertising costs.

We can help your business

We provide low-cost high-engagement Informational Videos, based on your existing website article pages, text scripts, or simply on keywords provided by our Clients, and our key services are listed below:



At $99/ minute for our basic service, and an average video time of around 2 minutes, these videos are highly affordable.

Of course, video creation is a creative process, so we include in our price for up to 3 revisions so that each video meets the highest standards of customer satisfaction.



Our video creation system has access to a huge database of millions of graphics files and videos from both copyright free and licenced sources.

This means that, although we use client-supplied images wherever requested this is entirely optional.

In fact, even for the most unusual niche video subjects, this isn’t really necessary as we can find highly relevant and engaging visual content ourselves.



We can normally turn around each video within 48 hours of receipt of order, on normal working days.

Once you see the initial version there will normally be the opportunity to respond and for changes to be made. Revisions are normally processed within a similar time-scale, however, if informed of specific deadlines, we always seek to comply whenver possible.

Timeslot bookings are accepted up to 1 week in advance. 


The popularity of video just keeps on rising, and now that 70% of all internet use is watching videos, visitors are turning to video in preference to reading the written word. So, how do you keep people on your web pages, and draw them in to consume your message/ interesting content?

By using informational videos like ours. That’s the key!



We use video clips to accompany the sub-titles, where suitable scenes are available, and relevant to the content.

We also add-in client supplied video scenes, when supplied for this use.

A background music audio track is added from our catlaogue, or may be client supplied.




Video production is extremely time consuming and a specialist skill.

We don’t recommend doing this yourself, or asking an employee to make these videos. Video production software is improving, but still requires untold hours to learn, and even longer to become proficient in using.


Animation and movement, when used effectively and can have an almost hypnotic effect on the viewers, meaning that they spend longer watching, and are more attentive.

Our videos employ subtle text animation effects which are designed to hold attention without distracting the reader.

Where image slides are used we add pan and scan effects, which help greatly to ensure high viewing times.



Logos and watermarks are added to specific pages, or across the whole video, subject to our client’s preference.

We have access to a large database of PLR articles, and if required we can draw on those to create keyword related videos based on these pre-written articles.

This is a big time saver for some of our clients, but if you have an existing article page – just send us the url, and we will extract the text and build a teaser video to pull in visitors, and retain the visitors alerady on your website!



We also provide a whiteboard video service.

If you seek a whiteboard video, please state your requirements and we will provide further information on our whiteboard video prices.

Hi, my name is Steve Last and I’m a VS

Fast, efficient and ready to assist you and your business today.

Video Specialist

Video Specialist

Steve has over 10 years experience in internet marketing, and has been making informational videos for at least nine years. He has been using our current video software daily, since June 2017.

Some videos produced by Steve have gone viral with over 100,000 viewings, and rising.

We have no reliable way to predict when a video will go-viral, but unless a business has videos, there is no possibility of going-viral!

Got questions about Videos? 

If your question isn’t answered in out F.A.Q. below please give us a call.

How Do You Supply the Video?
The video we provide is in the form of a video file which we supply to you via email, as our customer. It is an .mpg4 format file, ready for you to upload to a web-server, or social networking website for public viewing (e.g. YouTube, or Facebook).
Who Holds Copyright to the Video

On payment the copyright for the video passes to the customer.

These videos when they contain creative commons images, come marked as containing CC content, and with attribution to the original photographers or original copyright owners provided on a final slide at the end of each video. This is normal and is simply to comply with the requirements for Creative Commons lIcensing.

What is the Best Video Length?

This varies according to the type of website on which the video will be shown.

Between 90 seconds and 2 minutes is recommended for informational videos for Facebook and YouTube. If they are to be used as video ads on Facebook video ads that we recommend between 30 and 60 seconds long. These fared better than those of less than 30 seconds on Facebook (2017).

On YouTube viewers will watch a video for 2 minutes, and longer, if the content is truly engaging.

How Do We make Payment for a Video?
We will send you a PayPal Invoice email to request electronic payment, when we agree the price. For certain customers we will accept BACs payment, and will provide a UK VAT invoice, on request.
What if I Don't Like the Video You Produce?

We guarantee a full refund for all refund requests made within 30 days of the original payment. A dissatified customer is a very rare event for us, but our motto is that “the customer is always right” in such circumstances.

However, we do ask that all customers use the opportunity we provide to tell us what changes are sought and allow us to revise the video, if necessary 3 times. We will re-issue the video up to 3 new versions according to the feedback provided, at no additional charge, so that the video can be prefected to fully match, and usually exceed expectations.

Am I limited to Where I Can Use My Video

No not at all. But, as these videos are a standard 19/9 ratio size, they will not be useable on Instagram, or on other websites which require a square video frame.

We can supply other ratios. Give us your requirements when you contact us.

Similarly, we are able to provide Facebook cover (header) videos, if requested.

What Size Logo Image Should We Send?
The logo image should be at least 350 px along its shortest edge.
Do You Offer Videos in Languages Other than English?
Yes, but we do not speak any languages other than English, so the first version would always need to be in English. The translated text in a second language must be provided by the customer for pasting into the same slides.

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