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Need a Video Specialist to simplify your work life?

You’re probably here because you decided to watch one of our videos. But, if you’re unsure, we make short informational videos, each with a single topic and usually less than 2 minutes in length, for uploading to Facebook, YouTube, and our clients’ websites.

These 200-300 word high-definition videos are ideal for building business brands, targeting niche audiences, and posting on social networking sites.

Video grabs the attention of audiences like nothing else, and by posting videos like these on a regular basis, it’s easy to build a following of thousands of people and gain exposure to tens of thousands of people each week with no advertising costs.

We can help your business

We create low-cost, high-engagement Informational Videos based on your existing website article pages, text scripts, or simply keywords supplied by our clients, and our key services are listed below:


These videos are very affordable at $99 per minute for our basic service and an average video length of around 2 minutes.

Of course, video production is a creative process, so we include up to three revisions in our price to ensure that each video meets the highest standards of customer satisfaction.


Our video creation system has access to a massive database containing millions of graphics files and videos that are both copyright-free and licenced.

This means that, while we use client-supplied images whenever possible, they are entirely optional.

In fact, even for the most unusual niche video subjects, we can find highly relevant and engaging visual content on our own.


On normal working days, we can usually complete each video within 48 hours of receiving the order.

When you see the initial version, you will have the opportunity to respond and make changes. Revisions are typically processed in a similar time frame; however, if we are informed of specific deadlines, we always strive to meet them whenever possible.

Timeslot bookings are accepted up to 1 week in advance. 

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The popularity of video continues to rise, and now that 70% of all internet use is spent watching videos, visitors are preferring watching video to reading the written word. So, how do you keep people on your website and entice them to read your message/interesting content?

Using educational videos such as ours. That is crucial!


Where appropriate and relevant scenes are available, we use video clips to accompany the sub-titles.

We also incorporate client-supplied video scenes when they are provided for this purpose.

A background music audio track is added from our library or supplied by the client.


Video production is a time-consuming and specialised skill.

We do not recommend doing this yourself or asking an employee to do it. Although video production software is improving, it still takes countless hours to learn and even longer to master.


When used effectively, animation and movement can have an almost hypnotic effect on viewers, causing them to stay longer and be more attentive.

Our videos use subtle text animation effects to keep the reader’s attention without distracting them.

Where image slides are used, we may add pan and scan effects to help ensure long viewing times.


Logos and watermarks are added to specific pages or throughout the video, depending on our client’s preferences.

We have access to a large database of PLR articles, which we can use to create keyword-related videos based on these pre-written articles if necessary.

This saves a lot of time for some of our clients, but if you already have an article page, just send us the url and we will extract the text and create a teaser video to attract new visitors and keep those who are already on your website!


In addition, we offer whiteboard video services.

If you need a whiteboard video, please let us know what you need and we will send you more information on our whiteboard video prices.

Hi, my name is Steve Last and I’m a VS (Video Specialist)
Fast, efficient and ready to assist you and your business today.

Experienced Video Specialist

Steve Last IPPTS Associates Video Specialist head and shoulders

Steve has over 10 years of experience in internet marketing and has been making informational videos for at least nine years. He has been using his current video software daily, since June 2019.

Some videos produced by Steve have gone viral with over 100,000 viewings and rising.

While it is impossible for us to know when a video will go viral. What we can say for certain is that businesses that do not have videos have no chance of going viral at all!

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Answering Your Questions about our Videos 

If your question isn’t answered in our F.A.Q. below please give us a call.

How Do You Make the Video Available?

As our customer, you will receive a video file through email with the footage we give. It’s in.mpg4 format, so you can put it on a web server or a social networking site (such as Youtube or Facebook) and make it available to the public.

Who Holds Copyright to the Video

You will as soon as you make payment.

What is the Best Video Length?

Most suggest 3 minutes or less.

How Do We make Payment for a Video?

Via Paypal, your Credit or Debit Card, or if preferred we will invoice you for a BACS (for UK based customers) or SWIFT transfer.

What if I Don’t Like the Video You Produce?

We guarantee a full refund for all refund requests made within 30 days of the original payment. A dissatisfied customer is a very rare event for us, but our motto is that “the customer is always right” in such circumstances.

However, we do ask that all customers use the opportunity we provide to tell us what changes are sought and allow us to revise the video, if necessary 3 times. We will re-issue the video up to 3 new versions according to the feedback provided, at no additional charge, so that the video can be perfected to fully match, and usually exceed expectations.

Am I limited to Where I Can Use My Video?

There are no limitations.

What Size Logo Image Should We Send?

Minimum 516 x 516 pixels .png, or .jpg formatted images are preferred.

Do You Offer Videos in Languages Other than English?

Yes. Please request our list of machine-translated languages, or send your script in your preferred language with your order.

Are you ready to order and make your life easy yet?

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